Credit Union

President's Message

Our Vision

“Being our brothers’ keeper, we create and provide sources of funding at all times for prudent and productive purposes for our members”

Our Mission

To mobilize and encourage all employees of Red Stripe and Pepsi Cola Jamaica to participate and take full advantage of a diverse range of financial products and services tailored just for them and to provide a forum to facilitate support for the professional aspiration of our members.

In our continued thrust for improved communications and increased access to our services by our members, this has resulted in our decision to launch the Desnoes and Geddes Employees Co-operative Credit Union website.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Members, it is with pleasure and a sense of pride that I take this opportunity to welcome you to This year marks our Fifty-Fourth anniversary as an organization, focusing on service and efficiency for our members. 

As a movement we have journeyed well over the past 54 years with the result being growth in membership and assets, despite the many economic challenges globally.
The Desnoes and Geddes Employees Co-operative Credit Union continues to write its name in the annals of history through continued quality service, dedicated staff, profitable performance and the philosophy of members first.  Our leadership is founded on strong governance, integrity, dedication and commitment.

We look forward to your continued support and partnership while we collaborate in impacting quality of lives, providing employment and nation building. More importantly we will continue to measure our success by how much we are able to satisfy and surpass the requirements of you our valued members.

Co-operatively yours,
Winston Harrison - President